The pros and cons of Falcon Wing Doors

Whilst these doors look amazing I was initially worried that the Falcon Wing Doors (FWDs) wouldn't be practical or raise high enough. I am 192cm tall and when they open fully, they are above me so I love the fact that I can get in and out of the back or assist the kids, without hitting my head. They also have sensors that mean they will only open as much as they can safely. It is magical to watch. They also only need about 25cm of room to open: they initially move outwards, then upwards, all automatically. They are quite conservative, so sometimes you need to push the 'manual' open button to make them go higher, e.g. in a basement car park, where it sensed a roof above it. They are also meant to remember settings in particular locations e.g. Raise to Full Height in my garage, where there is room to open, but they get to scared and sometimes only open 70% and need some help. You can control the doors automatically opening by using the touch screen, internal buttons near the doors, or by using the old-fashioned panels outside. Overall they are great, but I hope I never have to repair one as I suspect that could be expensive. The new Model Y (smaller SUV version) coming soon will have standard doors, if these beasts are too much for you.