Testimonials by Tesla Renters:Gold Coast

1 Ben was amazing to deal with: friendly, helpful and gave us a great introduction to driving what's pretty much a spaceship! His Tesla is an astonishing thing: it turned even the peak-hour M1 horrors into a delight of autonomous driving fun.Add in the hilarity of having two 14-year-olds getting a mosh-pit going at 11pm in front of a dancing car, and the absolute joy of a road-hugging purring ride with ridiculous acceleration even with 7 people on board!I'm so pleased we didn't just hire a standard ICE vehicle. I can't recommend Ben's bonhomie and his Tesla X enough. Minty, New Zealand.

2 Wow that was a blast! The Model X is a dream, safe for family, roomy, and (for me and the kids, not so much for the wife!) incredible controlled acceleration, like a rocket ship.Systems very well thought through, sexy of course with the wings and overall look and feel. Some things take a bit of getting used to for a non-EV user but it was such a pleasure to drive. M.G. Gold Coast.

3 Ben was Extremely enthusiastic and welcoming! Was very helpful and detailed with briefing me all about his TESLA model X prior to hitting the road, ensuring I got the most out of my EV experience! His passion to share and educate others on this incredible technology is inspiring. Thanks so much for Sharing your beautiful new Tesla with us Ben, we had a truly awesome day out 👍 a must do experience! Beau, Australia.